a little death

vic llewellyn

on tour 2019/20

“A One-Man show about Mass Hysteria!!!.” Suitable for age 12+

“They work a bit like homeopathy,” he said, “A little bit of bad news does you good.” In April 1942, William Williams steps on a booby trap which blows off most of his toes on his left foot and leaves the edge of his shinbone looking like the surface of the Moon. On returning home he continues where he left off; he’s the local Butcher, just like his Dad before him. But at 7 O clock every night he entertains his children with tales of a world gone mad, a world that we would be best advised to stay away from. In this one man show about mass hysteria Vic Llewellyn (The Castle Builder) explores themes of loss, hysteria and the need for positive change.

CREATIVE TEAM: Vic Llewellyn: Text & Lyrics & Performer. Kid Carpet: Music & Lyrics. Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya & Emma Williams. Doll’s House designed by Shona Reppe. Dolls House built by Tam Wiltshire. Meat Mask – Dik Downey Produced by Emma Bettridge

Trained at Ecole Phillippe Gaulier in1991 -1992 and has made theatre ever since. He was a member of Desperate Men Theatre Company making the street shows, The Lighthouse, The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, Rick, Dick & Vic Extreme…, and The Miracle Show. He also was part of the team that made and toured dot Comedy’s large outdoor maze, GET LOST! He co-wrote and performed in RUST, an adult puppet show by Green Ginger. He was part of the original ensemble that devised movement and Puppetry for Improbable’s Phillip Glass opera Satyagraha which has played at the E.N.O. and The Metropolitan Opera House and L.A opera House. He played the part of Vic in Tim Crouch’s, The Author which played at The Royal Court Theatre. He first worked with Kid Carpet in The Lost Present for the Tobacco Factory theatre. He also appeared as Sinbad for their Christmas show the Last Voyage of Sinbad. He has also worked for Oxford Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, Travelling Light theatre, theatre Alibi and most recently at Salisbury Playhouse in Up Down Man. He made the show THE CASTLE BUILDER with Kid Carpet, which appeared at Mayfest, a successful run in Edinburgh Festival, 2016 and was part of Battersea Arts Centre Collaborative touring Network programme in Autumn 2017.


REVIEW QUOTES: “A Little Death feels like – something that next year, and in ten years as well, will be a text you buy in the National Theatre bookshop, that will be a common reference, that students will be discussing in seminar rooms around the country.” Lilith Wozniak – Exeunt Magazine.

“A Little Death is a compact masterpiece of storytelling that unfolds again and again like origami. The fictional elements of the play itself seem to nest within a frame of more straight-to-audience delivery, only for the lines between the earnest bits and the nostalgic puppet skits to blur and eventually collapse into a genre-bending layer cake that Paul Auster would be proud of.” TIM HINSON – Bristol 24/7

Funded by Arts Council England Supported by Bristol Old Vic FERMENT, Battersea Arts Centre, Hawkwood College & The Bike Shed Theatre (deceased).