laila diallo

everything doesn’t fit together

Laila says…

In recent years, I have been moved to make work exploring ideas of co-existence and co-operation. everything doesn’t fit together is a performance work in development which sits within this wider frame of enquiry. It is choreographically curious to bring to light a negotiating of our togetherness, and asks if and how one can design things like ambiguity, porosity, incompleteness.

With this underpinning curiosity to test edges and boundaries in our being together, to attend to difference and to commonality, we chose to bring audiences into the creative process at an early stage. This happened in November last year over a period of two weeks where a number of sessions with audience were embedded in the making process.  

I wrote a short post about what these two weeks felt like here:

And here is a short film documenting the process – a picture is worth a thousands words, they say: password

These two November 2019 weeks were fruitful. They helped us envisage context/s for presenting this work-in-becoming, and to recognise something of its essentiality. everything doesn’t fit together is a work that will exist in places where audience can pass through, come and go, linger if they wish, come close or not, move around, or not, choose their view point. It will respond to place and be in conversation whatever existis within it.  

The process to date afforded good conversations. On many levels – among the creative team, between team and audiences, between audience – we created spaces that enabled exchange in ways that felt easy, and honest and significant in shaping the work. As we plan the next steps, it feels important to uphold this, and to extend it to our approach to organisations and would-be partners, asking about what matters, what is of interest, what is at stake, and what we might do for one another and together.

We are hoping to secure partnerships and funding to support further development activity from late 2020 to early 2022 in ways that will allow us to continue to attend to the expansion of choreographic and performative material, and to meet audiences as we do. 

November 2019 everything doesnt fit together team

Lead artist: Laïla Diallo; collaborators/performers: Natalie Corne, Laura Dannequin, Luke Divall, Helka Kaski, Camille Marchadour and Tilly Webber; composer/performer: Ellie Showering; dance artist Katherine Hall and producer Emma Bettridge.

November 2019 everything doesn’t fit together support

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and through Pavilion South West Surf Generator Seed Funding. With additional support from Bristol Ferment Leverhulme Scholarship, Siobhan Davies Dance, Tobacco Factory Theatre  Residency Programme and Trinity Centre.