the great dog bottom swap

Live Stream of sharing – 3pm today. Friday. 6th August 2021 – CLICK HERE

in development Summer 2021 – commissioned by The Brewhouse and supported by Arts Council England.

The day had arrived for the Dog’s Summer Ball. All the dogs in the world were lined up at the hall. Where a sign on the door said:

Now please be so kind, as to keep your coat on but remove your behind.

Please hang up your bottom on one of the pegs, and remember no growling, or cocking of legs

Once the bottoms are hung, much merriment ensues. A huge feast featuring old sheep bones to chew, a cabaret, a Labrador telling rude jokes about cats, a dance and then… disaster! A great fire caused by too much frivolity. All the dogs escape, but there’s a catch – they can only grab any old bottom from the hooks in the hall. And ever since the, when a pair of dogs meet. In the park or the playground, the woods or the street, each dog gives the other dog’s bottom a sniff, to see if it has the particular whiff of the bottom they lost on the night of the ball

We will create an immersive show for families in grand halls. Join in with the events of the night and enjoy all the magic and mayhem. There may be points which are immersive or just straightforward end-on storytelling. All this needs to be explored. And most importantly – how will we portray THE DOGS? Maybe there are real dogs in it? Maybe there’s a show where audiences can bring their dogs! 

Tour 2022

The Team:

Emma Bettridge – adaptor/writer

Vic Llewellyn – key collaborator/performer

Emma Williams – key collborator/director

Ella Ainsworth – performer

Charlie Folorunsho – performer

Laura Dannequin (Stillhouse) – movement

Claire Beresford (Little Bulb) – music direction

Shona Reppe (Catherine wheels) – designer