the other stories

This image is found at the end of Goodbye Hobbs

I am currently working on a series of picture books. The Other Stories is a series of illustrated books written for 4-7 yr olds. I’m currently in a period of writing for four of these books and the development time of three more stories. Each story presents a different way of considering the world. In Arthur Hates Cats, Arthur discovers not only does he love cats, he wants to BE a cat. A story of acceptance or a story of transgender identification. 

Following a period of writing in Autumn 2019, I was very kindly introduced to an illustrator called Josephine Birch. Josephine read ‘Goodbye Hobbs’ and started illustrating the book the next day (one of her images can be seen on the homepage). We are now working together to storyboard four of the books, with Jose creating four final images for each.

This time is very generously funded by Arts Council England and Coombe Farm Studios.