working model – rachael clerke

In development 2021-22

Working Model is an idea for a real but temporary present-day city, built by children. It’s a place where things like time, architecture, and tradition might be reinvented, or destroyed.

Inspired by feminist sci-fi, radical economics and micronations, Working Model is an experiment in world-building, utopia and chaos where the impossible ideas you have can actually happen. It is a city that is as likely to fail as it is to succeed, but – given that the people currently making the rules don’t seem to know what they are doing either – it’s all to play for.

Working Model will be open to the public to add to, change, and invent within throughout the eight weeks of its life. The project will be led by one class of school children who will work with a different artist every week to explore themes in response to the question, ‘how do we create society?’.

Weekly themes might include; housing, money, death, food and decision- making.